Sunday evening and I have had a lovely week, but feeling exhausted and ready for a quiet Sunday night in with a cup of hot chocolate!

It was my oldest nephew Ben’s first holy communion today. I was so proud of him, he has worked so hard studying his religion and preparing for today. He looked so gorgeous in his little cream linen suit and said a short prayer, beautifully in front of the whole church. I could see the excitement on his face when it all started, and despite not being a churchgoer, I enjoyed the service very much. I am indeed a very proud Auntie.

The rest of the week was lovely, I went on a few great hacks with friends. Got caught in a very heavy storm on one of them but it was still lots of fun. I have found an incredibly inspiring book called “horse boy”, recommended to me by a very good friend Deborah Richmond. Perfect book for me, a mixture of traveling, horses, and healing. I am loving it, and can’t seem to put it down at the moment. I am sure more random babbling about it will happen more of here!

I am trying to bulk my equine portfolio at the moment, and am therefore offering photo shoots for you and your horse for only

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