All you need to know about preparing your wedding photographer


All you need to know about preparing your wedding photographer

The importance of viewing the venue.

Point out areas you like and where things will be set up. Ask for photographer for advice on lighting and space.

Pinterest is the answer

Get inspired and create a board of all the wedding photography you like. Nothing is better for visual inspiration and your photographer will then understand exactly what you want.

Looking for something creative?

If you are looking for something a little different or artistic but don’t know how to make it work or how the photographer will capture the moment, you will need to ensure they have checked that they have the right equipment and enough time to get the right setting.

Good lighting is everything.

So get your photographer to advise you on where will be best to shoot key photos. For example the first dance and cutting of the cake.

Nobody likes to hang around.

By preparing a group shot list you will be able to get the best photos out of your friends and family without dragging them away from the party for too long. Assign a trustworthy friend to call out names and everything will go swimmingly.


Keep your photographer to a schedule

With any big job, everyone is reassured by a schedule that tells them where to be when. This means your photographer won’t miss any key moments and you will be confident that they are aware of all your needs.

Top Tip: Include contact names/numbers and post codes for separate venues.

Switching up the plans?

Meet with your photographer the week before and have a run through of the day. That way there won’t be any surprises.

Important guests

Should there be any guests that require special attention, perhaps they have been unwell or have travelled a long way to attend your wedding, make sure your photographer is aware that they may need to take extra time photographing them.

A device free ceremony for the win.

Do you know how many shots of the first kiss have been spoilt by a guest stepping out into the aisle to get a shot? Many. Tell them to switch off their devices and enjoy the moment in real time while the professional does the hard work!

Last but certainly not least.

Value your photographer’s space and equipment by ensuring they have a place to keep their belongings and have a rest. It will only guarantee you the best photo results.


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