Autumn Colours

I love the colours of Autumn, but wow I cannot believe we are here already. This year has gone so fast it is incredibly scary. I feel like I came back from traveling with my wonderful boyfriend last October 2010, having had the time of my life…I blinked….and here I am. The leaves have already fallen and its 2012, my boyfriend has moved to Mexico for a year, and I have another 3 month trip planned in December. AH, what on earth happened to the time!?

So what have I been doing this past year?

Well, I found the best horse in the world to look after. I spend as much time with him that is possible. I have grown so much with him, and he has been so patient with me, helping me build my confidence. When I ride I feel free and totally untouchable. Galloping through the forest with you horse is the most incredible feeling, running through the water on a hot day, getting caught in a storm, or just a simple walk out on a crisp morning. I love my bru bear.

I Have had all kinds of exciting shoots with new clients and old clients. Portraits, Fashion Shoots, Weddings, Interiors, Equine. Keep them coming people. I am enjoying the challenges.

My teeth are being straightened. Something I am very proud to say that I can finally do and something I have wanted all my life. If you don’t like something about yourself, change it!

I have taken on a new job as a school photographer with a great company called Pret-a-Portrait. This is keeping me extremely busy for the next 3 months until my Christmas deal will be kicking in, so if you would like a shoot soon then I suggest you book in ASAP. As I now do not have a day off until the end of the month. AH!

I have had some great times with friends and family this year and equally some incredibly sad times. As a lot of you know I walked the 5K race with my best friends this year for my boyfriends mum, who very sadly passed away on April 5th early this year. Together I believe we raised

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