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Baby and Bump

Some amazing moments that have been captured forever…

When I first began to hone my craft I never realized what love, warmth and female empowerment I would feel when photographing a Mother and her new-born baby. Even after 11 years, there is still absolutely no way to describe that connection you can feel in the room, but trying to capture it, well that has become a lifelong goal I hope to get closer and closer to achieving.

I feel so honoured to share in these moments and they have become such a huge part of my passion for photography.

Another big part of the journey that tends to get missed (photographically) are those beautiful, raw images of a Mother and her beloved bump. So much time is spent nurturing your baby inside of your body and it is the only time you will be as one. This is the best version of self-love and self-kindness I have ever had the privilege of capturing.

The best time to do this kind of photo shoot is in the first 10 days after giving birth, when your baby is still mostly sleeping and happy as long as warm and comfortable.

Everyone experiences giving birth differently, so I like to adjust my photography to be as less invasive as possible by creating a calm space that is soothing and comfortable. Sometimes Mothers prefer for me to come to their house. To be in the space they know so well.

As long as you are happy, then so am I.