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Some amazing moments that have been captured forever…

Branding for independent Companies

I have felt such a supportive sense of community amongst small independent business owners and my passion for working with them on their branding has grown tremendously over the last year. I love helping to define their identity through beautiful, honest imagery that reflects the personality and ethos of the individual craft they have honed to help others.

A brands images establish who they are to the outside world and draw those that connect with what they do towards them.

Much like how my photography draws those that like it towards me.

I have always been very intrigued to hear the story behind a creative start-up and to hear what fuels their commitment to what they do, what they are longing to achieve. I experience the same excitement watching their eyes light up while they speak about their graft and it helps me to step in to their shoes and encompass their passion through photos that help to express their work.