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Clients are always saying to me that they need to find areas of their weddings that they can save money. There are SO many areas you can do this and I’ll do my best to keep writing blogs on bits and pieces to help with this, but today I really want to let you know about one specific area that I think is really cool.

Firstly, its important to say when organizing your wedding, that you need to decide what your priorities are. What IS most important to you? Is it the food, your dress, the venue? You then need to decide a budget for those things and make sure they are organised first. Obviously we would all love to have an endless pot of money and choose all our dream “Pinterest” ideas for the wedding and just pay for them to arrive at our wedding. However, this isn’t always possible. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t still have something awesome!

I think its very important to be relaxed about elements of your wedding and realize that all these parts make up your wedding, whether they are your idea of “perfect” or not. Choosing a member of your family or friends to be in charge of something i.e The cake, or flowers, adds such a personal touch. It will also make that person feel very special. You can then look back on those pictures of your wedding and say “How lovely that ‘person’ did that for us” Even if it doesn’t look like something out of Wedding Vogue.

I have recently photographed a few weddings where the brides happened to be friends and were also each others bridesmaids. They both did the same thing for their flowers which worked out SO well.

They ordered the flowers they wanted from a local garden center (You could even go down to the local flower market if you’re not too worried about specific flowers). They went and picked them up the day before the wedding, took them to wherever they were staying the night before the wedding and kept them in water. That evening, all the bridesmaids would sit down together with some Prosecco and watch a youtube video on how to create their bouquets and start wiring them together. The flowers would then be put in water over night and on the wedding morning, whichever bridesmaid was free would trim the ends off the bouquets and wrap them in ribbon. This worked astonishingly well and it was so lovely to see them all doing this together. Not only that but they cut their flower costs by more than half.

What a great way to not only add a personal touch, but have fun AND save money!

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