Hampton Court House Wedding Photography

Photographing Kate and Richard’s Wedding at Hampton Court Chapel was such an honour. Not many photographers get the chance to photograph there and it really was a very special experience. The stunning historic building is nothing less than perfect for a wedding backdrop and I could have photographed all there day. Unfortunately it photography is not allowed in the chapel. This is so strict that they will not even allowed photographers to step foot inside the chapel. You are given two opportunities to photograph from outside the chapel door. One time is when the bride is taking into the ceremony room and the second is as the Bride and Groom make their exit as a married couple.

Myself and my assistant waited patiently outside the chapel for the hour long ceremony to end. We new the doors would swing open without a moments notice and we would have that one chance to capture that once in a lifetime photo for Kate and Richard. Not only this but it would have to be perfectly exposed and pin sharp as we would not get the opportunity to do it again. All these factors were running through my head but I was ready and there was no way I was missing. What I hadn’t accounted for was the new staff member who had just arrived on his shift and didn’t know I was the official wedding photographer (despite me being covered in cameras and other equipment). He jumped in front of my camera just as the doors swung open and shouted “nooooo photography allooooooowed”. As you can imagine, I wasn’t best please. However, I did manage to bag these three shots below which I was rather pleased with given the circumstances.


Their wedding reception was at Hampton Court House just over the road. Another favourite of mine. Hampton Court House is a quirky and unusual wedding venue. There is so much you can do with it and each wedding I have seen there has been totally different. Its full of character in every corner and unlike lots of other polished wedding venues, it has something very different about it!



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