Jess and Charlie’s Spring Horsell Wedding Photography in St Mary’s The Virgin, Horsell

This weekends wedding was a really special one for me. I have known Charlie and Jess for years and have grown up around them. So to be able to be photograph their wedding day surrounded by lots of people that I know and love was a really big deal.

Charlie and Jess got married in our home village Church, St Mary’s The Virgin in Horsell. This was the Church we were always taken too as kids when we were in school. So going back there after all these years was a huge trip down memory lane. It was just as I remembered, with beautiful stain glass windows, gorgeous old stone, and a lovely pathway leading to the church. After an emotional ceremony, we headed back to Jess’ parents stunning garden for their wedding reception. You can get a little glimpse of how fantastic the day was in my images below…

Congratulations Jess and Charlie!

JessCharlie4 copy
JessCharlie7 copy
JessCharlie9 copy
JessCharlie11 copy

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