Top 10 Tips to Preparing Your Wedding Photographer

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Welcome to my 10 top tips on preparing your Wedding Photographer for your big day!

As photographers, its our job to get to know you and your partner and make your wedding photography as personal as possible. Some of us will ask lots of questions about the day, maybe send a questionnaire or schedule for you to fill out but others might want to give you a bit of space on the lead up to your wedding and might not ask too many questions.

Personally, I like to ask all the questions and be as prepared as possible BUUUUT here are a few top tips to guiding your photographer before the big day.

  1. Spend a bit of time writing out who is most important to have in the group shots. I feel 10-15 shots is a great number. This includes all the most important people and still gives you plenty of time for your couple’s shots and time to mingle with your guests.
  2. Type out a schedule for the day with all the key moments for your photographer so they know what is happening at what time. Keep this as clear and simple as possible.
  3. Make sure your photographer has several contact numbers before the wedding as well as you having their number incase you need to contact each other.
  4. Try and go along to your venue with the photographer before your wedding day and point out anything really special that you feel you would like photographed.
  5. Advise your photographer of any vital family politics before your wedding to make sure they know to be sensitive to certain situations. This can make everything run a little smoother!
  6. Check your photographers contract to see if they need a meal on the wedding day. Some put a hot meal in their contract! Your photographer is likely to be doing a long working day. Make sure they are topped up with food and water to continue a great job. Trust me they will be SO appreciative.
  7. Have you got anything a little different that your photographer might not expect happening? Fireworks? A surprise flashmob dance? Make sure they are clued up and told to shhhh so not to spill the beans.
  8. Ask your photographer If you could have a couple of photographs a week or two after the wedding day. This might be nice to send out an early Thank You card to all your guests and will give your photographer time to schedule editing those pictures in their diary.
  9. Put your wedding photographer in touch with your wedding coordinator. Its always nice to have a had a run down with the co ordinater beforehand.
  10. Relax, enjoy and TRUST your photographer. You have chosen them because they do a great job and will capture your day beautifully without you needing to worry.

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