Video preview of photographing Chloe and Sam’s wedding St Johns Church, Surrey.

Last weekend I photographed Sam and Chloe’s incredibly heart warming wedding. Admittedly I absorb peoples emotions quite a lot and get swept away with the happiness and love in almost every wedding I photograph. However, this wedding I felt particularly drawn to the warmth coming from the couple, their family and friends. What a lovely group of people and a fantastic day. It was the first time I had photographed at the Holiday Inn in Guildford. The couple had made the venue incredibly personal by adding beautiful hand crafted decor and lovely photographs and slideshows. It really was very special.

I was very happy to be working with Ben Green, their videographer who kindly sent me a few shots of me shooting the wedding. I have shoddily put them together but a huge thank you to him for doing this for me and I urge you to check out his stuff. Its beautiful!


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