Wild At Heart Foundation

Everyone who knows me knows I am crazy about animals. I would do anything to help them and I love being around them as much as I can. I have two adopted cats. One all the way from the streets of Qatar who desperately needed a loving home. Working in the Middle East made me realise how many stray animals are desperate for home there and all over the world, and made me want to help them all I can.

Since being home I have heard of even more countries in extreme need help of rehoming desperate stray dogs. This is where I came across a fantastic charity called Wild At Heart. After reading through their website, I was blown away with the lengths they go to save as many animals as possible and I immediately wanted to help in any way possible. So I offered to do a little photoshoot of the lovely Nadine and her two rescue dogs.

I urge you to check out there website and share and support in whatever way you can.

Wild at Heart

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